This app is offered by:

Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb Markus Drösser Seb. Schäffer-Str.7 40627 Düsseldorf Germany markus.droesser[at]

In the following text, „Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb Markus Drösser“ is referred to as „we“ or „our“. The app’s users are referred to as „you“.

Data Collection by „Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb Markus Drösser“

We do not collect any personally identifiable information.

The app allows to record with help of your device’s internal microphone and needs the corresponding permission for that. The recordings are stored on your device (internal or external storage) and are not sent to or analyzed by us automatically. Sending recordings per mail or uploading recordings to cloud storage must be done actively by you with help of a third party app. Please consult the third party app’s privacy policy for questions related to their data privacy.

Permissions requested for main functionality (see optional permissions for Caller ID below, in the Caller ID Feature section) and how they are being used by the app:

Allows to record audio from the device’s microphone, used for making the recordings.

Allows the app to read and write from internal and external storage. This is used to store recordings made by you, edit them and play them back.

Is needed to set a recording as a ringtone.

Is used to display advertisement banners. We use Admob as a service for that.

The app offers a feature „Contact me/Send Feedback“. This allows to send an email to us, per default containing some device-related information (e.g. manufacturer, model name, software version) and the app version as text for customer support and application debugging. Sending of that email has to be done actively by you with help of a third party app (e.g. Google Mail) so that you can check which information is transferred from the used app yourself. The debug information is only used to offer you a better customer support. It is not used for any other purpose. If you want to contact us without sending the information, feel free to remove the debug output block from the mail.

CallerID Feature (optional, provided separately by Calldorado ApS)

The following paragraphs of this section (up to just before the “Admob” paragraph) was provided by Calldorado ApS and explains only the permissions with regards to operation of the Caller ID function. The SDK provided by Calldorado ApS uses the below permissions plus additional permissions (which are not explained here) possibly to collect/store/process/share some data within the terms of their privacy policy and license agreement. Full information can be obtained from and or from the “Caller ID” menu in the Tape-a-Talk settings.

To keep ”Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder” free, the app includes advertisement together with a free Caller ID feature. The Caller ID feature is a new concept and we believe it is a great addition to the app. As some users still find it difficult to relate the Caller ID to Tape-a-Talk Recorder, we (Calldorado ApS) have made it possible to disable the CallerID feature completely in the after-call screen or in settings.

CallerID Number Identification & Privacy
The CallerID identifcation identifies unknown numbers for you, even the ones you dont have in your contact book. Calldorado provides the data from a number source database, therefore Tape-a-Talk does not save/track/record/monitor any of your personal data or calls.


Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder does not collect private user informations.
permissions allow the Caller ID to work and identifies unknown numbers from a number source database. Tape-a-Talk Recorder doesn\’t do any call tracking or call recording.

permissions let users save newly identified numbers in the CallerID feature directly to their contact book (not the other way around!). Therefore, Tape-a-Talk Recorder doesn\’t read or modify any of your contacts.

permissions are used for ad localization services.

Full information can be obtained from and .


For advertisements, we use Admob by Admob Google Inc. The privacy policy of Admob applies. You can find it here
For optimized ad targeting, Admob uses a „Google Advertisement ID“ to show ads that you could be interested in.