Privacy Policy (“App”)

The app “Tape-a-Talk (Pro) Voice Recorder” is offered by:

Software development and distribution Markus Drösser
Seb.-Schäffer-Str. 7
40627 Duesseldorf

In the following, “Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb Markus Drösser” is referred to as “we” or “us”; we address our app users or customers as “you”.

Data collection on the part of the provider


The app allows recordings to be made using the microphone built into the device and requires the appropriate authorization to do so. These recordings are stored on your device and are NOT automatically transmitted to us or analyzed by us. Sending or uploading recordings to cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, Google Cloud) must be actively requested by you in the app. The task of uploading/sending is done via a web-based interface (“API”) of the third-party providers. For any questions regarding the privacy of these third-party services you use, please consult the privacy policy of the respective third-party provider.

What data we collect from you

For the basic functionalities:
Create/manage/edit/delete recordings.
Share recordings (send via “Share” function or WiFi transfer)
no personal data is collected.

For the “cloud backup” functionality via Dropbox, Box, Google or other cloud services offered within the Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder app, the following applies:

The app offers a function via the “Cloud Upload” feature to upload your recordings to your personal cloud. For this purpose, a password request is initially started from the app, in which you provide your access data for the respective third-party provider. Your password is not disclosed to the app Tape-a-Talk and us. In exchange, the Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder app receives so-called “codes” or “tokens” for authentication to the third-party service without mail/password. This data is stored on your device to provide upload functionality without the need to log in again. These “tokens” are used so that the app running on your device can authenticate itself to the third-party service provider and perform the upload, for example. For questions regarding the processing of your data by third-party providers (Dropbox, Box, Onedrive, Google), we refer to the respective privacy policy of the third-party provider. For those technically interested, we refer to the “Oauth2 Workflow”, a common internet authentication mechanism.

The app does not send any personal data to us or third parties unless you explicitly do so by sending or uploading recordings.

To delete all personal data (recordings, tokens) on your device, uninstall / delete the app from your device.

Requested permissions of the app and how they are used:

    • Allows the app to write to and read from the internal or external storage device. Used to store and playback recordings.
    • Allows to record audio using the device microphone.
    • Needed to set a recording as a ringtone.
    • Free version: Used to retrieve and display advertisements (Admob, see below) over the Internet.
    • Paid version: used to upload recordings to your cloud storage service, if you use this functionality.

Contacting provider

Using the “Send Feedback” button, you can send us an email, which by default contains certain data about your device model (including manufacturer, model, software version) and app version. Sending the mail must be actively done by you via a third-party app (e.g. Gmail app), where you can independently verify the information sent. This data is used for support and troubleshooting and is not further processed. They can be removed from the email without further ado.

Advertising in free version / Admob

For advertisements in the app, we use the advertising partner AdMob Google Inc. which collects certain information about your user behavior and device. AdMob’s privacy policy applies here, which you can find at the Internet address

Admob uses the so-called “Google Advertising ID” for advertising targeting in order to be able to display suitable advertising for you. As a user, you can opt out here: